«Coronavirus: Don’t fear – Protect yourself Knowledge is your shield »


«Coronavirus: Don’t fear – Protect yourself Knowledge is your shield »


Here you will find accessible information for persons with disabilities (pupils, parents, teachers and citizens).

The material is strictly in accordance with the information of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

Following the briefing by the National Public Health Organization (EHOD), the General Secretariat for Civil Protection proceeded with the issuance of 8 Useful Guidelines and 19 Questions and Answers on COVID-19

  • In Greek Sign Language with subtitles

  - 8 Guidelines 8 οδηγίες and 
 - 19 Questions-Answers 8 οδηγίες

  • In Large-print for viewing and printing

   - Fonts 18 bold - 19 Questions - Answers

   - Fonts 18 bold - 8 Useful Guidelines 

   - Fonts 28 bold - 19 Questions - Ansnwers

   - Fonts 28 bold - 8 Useful Guidelines


    - 19 Questions - Answers, Plain text (Braille Ready File)

    - 19 Questions - Answers, Printable braille using DBT software (.dxb) 

    - 8 Guidelines, Brailly Ready

    - 8 Guidelines, Plain Text

    - 8 Guidelines, Printable braille using DBT software (.dxb)


Credits, Acknowledgements
We thank all the experts of 'Universal Design and Development of Accessible Digital Educational Material' and Deaf Adult Role Models of 'Sign Links' who contributed to the development of this accessible material.

«Δεν φοβόμαστε – Προστατευόμαστε Ασπίδα μας, η γνώση»